The masterclass


The Associazione Progetto Musica is glad to announce the first edition of the International Oboe Academy under the artistic direction of Domenico Orlando.

For over twenty years Associazione Progetto Musica has been working in the fields of culture, and in particular of music divulgation, offering to its audience the International Music Festival Nei suoni dei luoghi (in 2018 at its 20th edition) and focusing at the same time on music education and teaching. Within the management of the Civic Music School of Latisana the Association has dedicated in the last two years an important space to the realization of the International Music Masterclass for wind instruments, inviting internationally renowned professors and musicians as Paolo Beltramini, Roberto Giaccaglia, Francesco Loi, Domenico Orlando, Guglielmo Pellarin, Roberto Rossi and Marzo Zoni. During masterclass they created a very intense and inspiring environment, both for students and for audience during the final concerts.

The idea to develop an even more specific and deep pathway arose the last year with Domenico Orlando, during the Masterclass, in order to meet the needs of many oboists who require to advance with a high level and continuing training.

To this aim the Academy guarantees 12 individual lessons to all the students, scheduled in 8 monthly meetings, and given by renowned international professors and musicians: Maurice Bourgue, Domenico Orlando, Ivan Podyomov, Stefan Schilli, Luca Vignali.

The purpose of the International Oboe Academy is acting as a point of reference in the advanced oboe studies, both at a national and international level, considering the high quality of the professors involved in the activities and the innovative feature of this Master compared with the oboe courses currently offered.

Courses will be held in the beautiful historic framework of Villa di Tissano and they will provide a well-round idea of “open-class”, where students will be given not only the opportunity to have individual and listening lessons, to take part in a specific lab, to participate in public performances, but also to share experiences with professors.
Further, the Academy intends to promote the best talented artists that will join it, offering performing experiences and introducing them to many local institutions. Academy’s activities will be strictly connected to International Music Festival Nei suoni dei luoghi, that will dedicate a specific concerts series to woodwind instruments, involving also some professors of Academy.

The value of the initiative has been already acknowledged by important sponsors that support us: therefore we would like to thank K. GE REEDS (Shanghai), Marigaux (Parigi), Marchi Double Reeds (Modena), Chiarugi (Trento).