Second edition

Directions for lesson times

Students must communicate by e-mail (;; within 10 days of the beginning of each course their availability of days and times for the lessons they want follow. In the case of meetings with M ° Orlando that provide for a double lesson, for educational reasons, it is necessary to indicate two different days

How to behave if a lesson cannot be followed

In the event that a student cannot participate in one or more lessons, he or she can identify a replacement with whom he can agree directly on the recovery of the cost of the lesson.

The change must be communicated to the school. Lessons already booked cannot undergo variations of day and time.

Directions for lessons with accompanying pianist

Students must communicate within 7 days of the beginning of the course the program that they want to play in the lesson in which they need to be accompanied to the piano. The organization will communicate to the students the time of the lesson with the accompanying pianist. 

Directions for arrival and departure times

If the students want use the transfer service from Udine to Villa Tissano (12 km), they must communicate within 3 days (72 hours) the arrival time in Udine and the departure time from Villa Tissano. The organization will communicate to the students the times of transfers, keeping in mind the requests will be considered also in order to save time/trips. 

Direct reservations at Villa Tissano

Students that want to lodge in Villa Tissano have to make the reservation directly in the structure.It is advisable to book as far in advance as possible because it may be difficult to find free rooms at certain periods of the year. It is also possible to find other solutions for accommodation, in case of lack of availability in Villa. 

Communication for meals at Villa Tissano 

Students who don’t stay with a full board at Villa Tissano must book lunches and even dinners by 11.00 and 18.00, respectively, directly to the staff of Villa Tissano.